The Atomic Midwestern


After exploring the town of Toadcrawl, Vic came across an abandoned school. He heard rumors from the locals that the squatters living there haven’t been seen in a while. Vic entered the rundown building, finding the room mostly empty, save for a cobwebs, gold, and a small rotting figure bundled in a pink nursing blanket.

Locating the basement stairs, Vic began to descend before being attacked by a giant, mutated brown recluse spider. Vic was able to overpower the creature, pushing the spider down the stairs and causing it to mortally injure it’s self. An arachnophobe since childhood, Vic stomped on the mutant’s head until the screeching stopped and his boot was slick with mucus.

The basement was filled with the remains of the squatters. They were all completely covered in webbing, and some were already sacs of liquid waiting to be fed on. Vic managed to slay the last to recluses, but not before getting a nasty bite on his left thigh. Critically injured, Vic escaped with what treasures he could carry and made his way to Arcane Hanson, the town doctor.




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