Known as the “Windy City” during the prewar days, Chicago was a major target for militias following the Russian Offensive. The city council, recognizing the risk of plague victims and the rise of several militias, decided to erect a massive dome to protect their historic city. The “Windy City” was renamed Point Sable, in honor of the city’s first non-indigenous, permanent settler.

The council initiated a widespread plague detection and cleansing program to ensure the city’s continued existence, but growing suspicion and paranoia by Point Sable’s citizens, led to a bloody coup which ended with the mayor being decapitated on the steps of the capital building.

Militias took over, and with all the in-fighting, the plague crept back in dome, decimating approximately 99% of the population. Those who survived created the Knights of the Atomic Order to hunt down plague victims and to put an end the chaos in the Midwest Wastelands.



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