The Atomic Midwestern

Taking out the Trash

Monroe and Jinx, refugees from the remnants of Misery, were hired and deputized by Jack Murphy, a Ranger with the Midwest Democratic Republic, and mayor of Toadcrawl, to eliminate a local gang going by the name of the Atomic Scum.

After Jinx fired a crossbow bolt through the back of Snaggle Tooth’s head, she took Snaggle Tooth’s hockey mask, then led a critically injured Monroe to a local doctor named Arcane Hanson. In exchange for a couple Mini Fusion Cells and a few grams of speed, Arcane was able to save Monroe from bleeding to death.

Murphy, upon receiving the hockey mask as proof of Snaggle Tooth’s demise, agreed to give the few buildings that were controlled by the Atomic Scum to Jinx and Monroe. Soon after, the citizens of Toadcrawl began to refer to the property as Misery’s Graveyard due to the swift death that was dealt to the Scum.



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