Tag: AMW - Location


  • Base 17

    A prewar military base funded by Crednes, Inc. Previously under control of the [[Sons of Violence | Sons of Violence]], it was liberated by [[:freeman | Lt. Freeman's]] [[Midwest Democratic Republic | Midwest Democratic Republic]], who slaughtered all who …

  • Abandoned School

    Previously home to a family of squatters within [[Toadcrawl | Toadcrawl]], this rundown building was taken over by a small group of [[Giant Recluse|Giant Recluses]] until [[:vic | Vic]] decided to explore. [[Arachnophobia! | Currently unoccupied]].

  • Misery's Yard

    A group of buildings previously controlled by the [[Atomic Scum | Atomic Scum]], this corner of [[Toadcrawl | Toadcrawl]] is now home to [[:jynx | Jynx]], [[:vic | Vic]], and [[:monroe | Monroe]]. After Jynx killed [[:snaggle-tooth | Snaggle Tooth]], news …